A Bit About Me

Hello, I’m Berdene Owen! Welcome to my spot of real estate on the interweb.

Berdene du Toit

I can’t remember a time when I was not overjoyed to be making things. Everything from cards to toys to clothes to jewellery to books…anything at all. I would become a mini apprentice to any family member who would have the patience to teach me their craft: My grandmother showed me how to knit, my mom taught me to sew and my dad trained me in his woodworking shop.

Originally from South Africa, I immigrated to Canada with my family in 1999. After finishing high school in Ottawa, I moved to Toronto to attend the York Sheridan Design Program, where I was armed with visual language, conceptual thinking and a nerdy love affair for letterforms.

I had very little opportunity to pursue woodwork during my studies, and it was only after receiving my very own scroll saw one Christmas that I was reacquainted with my long lost love. Suddenly my tools started multiplying, and soon my apartment became engulfed in a flurry of mad invention (and sawdust). Cutting out letters on the scroll saw evolved into typographic bouquets, alphabet jewellery and typographic machines.

Most recently, my animator husband, Richard Owen, has inspired me to turn my attention to the highly addictive craft of stop-motion animation. I have definitely fallen in love with the combination of craftsmanship and story-telling, and am looking forward to many creative adventures.